on screen and behind


Unlike this clip where I'm actually having fun(!), my first time on live television was not so enjoyable. As I stood beside Marilyn Denis and attempted to be calm while walking her through a cooking demonstration, my hands were trembling and my voice felt crushed in my throat. What scared me most was that there was nothing but a 3-second delay between myself and the viewer. What if I swore? What if I forgot what I was doing? What if my voice got really high (like it does when Im nervous) and viewers complained about it? Although initially it was pure panic, I now sincerely enjoy the experience and speaking directly to the audience. 


My first experience working behind the scenes paved the way to every television experience afterwards. I started as the culinary coordinator on a Vancouver-based cooking show and was responsible for anything and everything to do with the food. From making sure it looked perfect on camera, during every step of the cooking process, to getting my hands on some really hard-to-request ingredients (calf tongue anyone?).


I've worked with multiple networks throughout my television career, to both produce and appear in everything from small-time, local, non-paying "gigs" to nationally broadcasted segments and interviews with celebrity chefs. These networks include Rogers, W, CBC and CTV.


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