For some time, I didn't believe that my story was worth telling - that my work in the food media industry and my eventual break from it meant that I had  failed at what I initially set out to do. But I've now realized that these experiences are an important part of shaping my story, and most importantly, my purpose. Without them, and without the time to step back and study them, I wouldn't have the perspective I have today. 

In essence, this is how it goes: During my time at university, I became increasingly obsessed with food magazines and cooking shows. I loved thumbing through the glossy pages and studying the photographs: the way the food was displayed, the texture of the plates, the creation of an atmosphere,  in one frozen moment. I found it fascinating that a snapshot of a raucous dinner party could be emulated with not one person in the picture. The combination of crumbs, crinkled linens, silver antique spoons and ceramics made me feel both excited and soothed. I wanted to be a part of that world. 

I went through all the steps I felt I needed to earn entry - including cooking school, a degree in journalism, multiple jobs and internships, on and on - but as time went on, I saw that there were too many things that didn't sit well with me. From toxic atmospheres behind the scenes, to the constant devaluing of people and their work, to the food waste (there is SO much food waste), the cost to people and food products was in no way worth what we were putting out. In fact, hardly anything about this industry that revolves around food - an essential element that is needed to sustain life - is sustainable.  

But over those years, I built a solid portfolio and in doing so, realized that I have a choice: I don't have to do anything for the "experience" anymore. I also don't have to play the game that made me almost quit what I fell in love with in the first place. Yes, writing this means that I may miss some opportunities but if I can't express my story, what I've learned, then what's the point? I'll be right back where I was. 

Moving forward, I believe that all of us can find pride in the decisions we make and a sense of control in the brands we choose to support. Even small choices and conversations can have huge impacts on the world and people around us. 

By highlighting ethical and sustainable food recipes, habits and stories, change makers that seek to inspire, not feed off of our insecurities, and anything else that contributes to awareness and thoughtful living, I hope to create a community of encouragers that lift each other up and ask that all food and lifestyle media step up to the plate too. That they stop making content for the sake of filling up space and just take those extra few minutes to tweak a segment, an article, to make it that much more conscious and constructive. 

So, here's to the future! I can't wait for us to write it together. 


P.S. If you have a story you'd like to share with me about your journey, please do! I love connecting and always respond. So, go to my contact page and get in touch!

In time, I'll definitely tell these tales  because there are some REALLY good ones. 


©2020 by Joanna Tymkiw