January, 2020

With MSc in Journalism, I'm able to focus my curiosity, dive head first into research and create compelling narratives. What I find the most gratifying about this credential is that it unlocked opportunities for me to explore my areas of interest and then share the results with an audience. 

Highlights include:

  • The successful pitching and creation of my own column for Postmedia Inc. 

  • Producing and presenting nationally broadcasted television segments for multiple networks. 

  • Leading on multiple videos for storytelling initiatives. 

  • Conducting hundreds of interviews - for both print and  broadcast uses - with a variety of subjects, from local politicians to celebrity chefs.

  • Capturing high-definition photography and the use photo-editing software for newspapers, magazines and online publications. 

  • Extensive research to verify sources, gain information and find story connections. 

  • Adapting story ideas to fit research findings.

Credits include:

  • CBC

  • Apt. 613

  • National Post 

  • Montreal Gazette

  • Vancouver Sun

  • The Ottawa Citizen

  • Delicious Magazine UK

  • Home Makeover Magazine

  • Ottawa Magazine

  • CTV Vancouver, Ottawa

  • Government of Canada


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