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I'm a trained chef and journalist with years of media, production and writing experience. After finishing cooking school in 2007, I went onto work in some of Vancouver's best restaurants before landing my first TV job, which was behind-the-scenes on a Vancouver cooking show. From there I earned my Master's degree in Journalism and eventually produced a cooking show, lead video projects, authored my own cooking column, wrote for magazines and made TV appearances. In all, I've developed into a well-rounded food and life storyteller and TV guest. 

Like many life paths, getting here wasn't easy and along the way I faced a lot of rejection and setbacks. So much so that in 2016, I decided to step back completely and re-evaluate my goals. I handed in my last article, did my last appearance and just stopped. For the next two years I worked a regular job, led a regular life and volunteered for causes and organizations dear to my heart. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to continue in this line of work and fight - like we all have to do - then it would have to be for something much bigger than myself.

It took me cutting myself off completely to recognize my value as a person and as a professional. Sometimes all we need is a break and some perspective to get back on track and focus our efforts into something productive and worthwhile. 

I believe a large gap exists in food and life media, which stops at the surface level and doesn't dig any deeper. I'm here to fill that gap and create a community for people, like myself, who care and want to be informed, but at the same time, want to have beautiful experiences.

Sustainable, environmental and ethical practices don't need to be radical or dark in presentation. They can be stunning and romantic or light and pastel, it's all in how you choose to showcase it.